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Spatial Disorientation

Did you know spatial disorientation was a factor in JFK Jr.'s plane crash? His body did not have visual cues to sense which direction his aircraft was traveling. Ninety percent of spatial disorientation accidents are fatal. The leading cause of spatial disorientation is VFR flight into instrument meteorological conditions. This quiz will help you understand how to react when the vacuum system fails or how to recover with an operational vacuum pump when encountering VFR flight into IMC.

1. What is the number one factor in spatial disorientation?

2. If you encounter a vacuum failure in IMC:

3. If you experience spatial disorientation, and have verified that you do not have a vacuum failure:

4. The vestibular system is a group of organs in the inner ear that determines position by sensing fluid motion within the inner ear.

5. A high-speed, tight descending turn entered as a result of a failure to detect rolling motion is:

6. Vacuum failures are usually a result of:

7. Ninety percent of spatial disorientation accidents are fatal.

8. To avoid spatial disorientation:

9. Vertigo is an illusion caused by:

10. Vacuum pumps should be replaced: